McCulloch Construction bring sophistication to every detail. Think in terms of moldings, lighting, layout, architectural design, hardware and color. Our eclectic mix of projects include the quarter million dollar bathroom, to revamped starter homes, and commercial projects. Because of this, our designs remain thoughtful, fresh, and aware of all the possibilities.

“We loved working with John: He brings thoughtful vision, long hours, responsiveness and the ability to stay on track with our limited budget. As a result, it was a joy to work with him and we love our new kitchen!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About Us

John leads our talented design, build and remodel team with a flair for the timelessly beautiful. Decades of experience in design build informed by an in-depth understanding of architecture through time gives us an unstoppable play book.

Each project is beautiful and unique: custom fitted to client, style, location and period. We learn the taste and personalities of our clients to create optimal habitats for better lives.

Our goal is to delight the client through a happy process and a product that is consistently:

  • Timeless.
  • Deeply thoughtful.
  • Inspiringly beautiful.

With Projects, we ensure that all elements of our work are an exuberant marriage of aesthetics, function and craftsmanship.

With Clients, we seek to understand and meet their needs. Communications are our forte; we connect with you at every step!

That is what sets us apart!


In more than 25 years of business, McCulloch Construction has worked on over 1,000 homes in the Portland area. Although we specialize in the renovation of historic homes, our work encompasses everything from interior remodels to commercial builds. We bring beauty, and committed attention to every project; big or small!


Our Portfolio is always growing. Check back for more…

Architectural Styles of Portland

Our city is one of varied histories and unique character. Portland’s distinctive sense of place comes from its people, its land, and its architecture. Here you can read up on some of our favorite architectural styles from our PDX Portfolio:

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We would love to discuss your dream remodel, small or large. And though we are experts on period or sophisticated design, and handle complex projects in stride, we still like to use our knowledge to help everyone. Be it ever so humble, your house is your sacred private space and personalizing and beautifying is an essential part of a well-lived life. We are on a mission to beautify Portland and uplift lives!

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