About Us

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Julio Lopez

A wise, level-headed master carpenter. Team Veteran.

John leads our talented design, build and remodel team with a flair for the timelessly beautiful. Decades of experience in design build informed by an in-depth understanding of architecture through time gives us an unstoppable play book.

Each project is beautiful and unique: custom fitted to client, style, location and period. We learn the taste and personalities of our clients to create optimal habitats for better lives.

Our goal is to delight the client through a happy process and a product that is consistently:

  • Timeless.
  • Deeply thoughtful.
  • Inspiringly beautiful.

With Projects, we ensure that all elements of our work are an exuberant marriage of aesthetics, function and craftsmanship.

With Clients, we seek to understand and meet their needs. Communications are our forte; we connect with you at every step!

That is what sets us apart!