Sustainable Housing: Interview with the Rotary Club

John McCulloch in his library discussing sustainable housing with the Rotary Club of Salem.

John joins the Rotary Club of Salem for a conversation about sustainable housing in Oregon. John leads the McCulloch Foundation, which combats waste and homelessness by adapting existing homes to create micro-communities. These efforts reduce the amount of debris headed to landfills, preserve historic buildings, and provide supportive housing situations for those in need.

English Cottage Remodel

John joins Portland Realtor Jarrin Benson for an in-depth view on the English Cottage remodel by McCulloch Construction. Inspired by Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, this home features a unique faux-thatch roof, period finish carpentry, and naturalistic design motifs that create an immersive sense of beauty. Explore the mind behind the design in this wonderful walk-through.

Where We Live: The Markham House

Where We Live: The Markham House by: koinlaceyevans Posted: Mar 7, 2016 / 06:00 AM PST / Updated: Mar 7, 2016 / 06:00 AM PST PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — At the gateway to Portland’s historic Laurelhurst neighborhood stands a regal, Spanish-mission style home, called the Markham House. It is currently being renovated after escaping demolition, but it wasn’t an easy process.