The Alameda Mediterranean

High above the urban landscape of New Haven, the 14-story Smilow Cancer Hospital is one of the premier comprehensive centers in the United States, as designated by the National Cancer Institute.

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Alameda Heights, Portland, Oregon

We found a lovely house languishing on the market; it would not sell to anyone, until we saw past the defects and bought it to restore. We identified all of the property’s short-comings, and addressed them with flair!

1. There was no yard.

We corrected this with retaining walls, converting the steeply sloping yard on two sides into usable flat yard that we enclosed for privacy and to contain children and pets. Now it is a great yard!

2. There was little curb appeal.

The house was hidden behind half trees mangled by ill-considered pruning. These were swapped for handsome ones of appropriate scale. We removed monster junipers and switched the horrid 90’s blue trim to a timeless white. Our retaining walls matched the stucco and made the house seem much larger. Voila! The house is revealed and more beautiful than ever!

3.The Master bath and closet were lacking.

We built on a second story addition adding ample and luxurious versions of both.

4. The kitchen was cramped and dark.

We bumped-out and added numerous windows and skylights for a kitchen that is spacious, bright and inspiring.

5. The house was suffering from dated finishes and general deferred maintenance.

We peeled back the wallpaper and some bad remodels to reveal the house’s original beauty: uncovering a great mantle, revealing stain glass that had been hidden by discolored plexiglass, and revitalizing the original woodwork.

Results: With our edits, the house that originally could not sell became a sought-after treasure: it received six offers before it came to market! The new owners are in love with it.

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