A Sentimental Journey

For the Killorin family, taking a tour of their former home was a slightly surreal experience. The fifteen family members that walked through our Alameda Tudor had 43 years of family history rooted in the home, 43 years of holidays, birthdays, rainy winters, perfect summers and daily rituals.

When Paul Killorin sold us their home, he experienced tinges of sadness, like he was leaving a dear friend. Yet he felt confident in the remodeling skills of McCulloch Construction and knew that we would take care of his home and his memories.

And so we have. When John led the Killorin family  into their old home, they immediately felt the improvements. Natural light filled the entryway, creating a sense of spaciousness. McCulloch Construction remodeled the hallway and kitchen to create a sight-line from the front door to the back door, allowing light from the kitchen to seep into the entryway and mingle with light from the banks of windows in the living and dining room.

The new bonus room with superb views of downtown Portland glitters with possibilities. The newly tiled bathrooms sparkle with class, and the basement went from concrete mediocrity to comfortable rec room with the installation of carpet and new French doors that open up to the backyard.

Paul Killorin was so overwhelmed with joy that he wrote us an effusive note:

“My daughters, their families and I all thoroughly enjoyed your guided tour of ‘our’ home.

We lived here and experienced all the family joys of 43 years. Your generous tour allowed us to experience an event, a momentary sentimental journey through this artistically redesigned, structurally changed and restyled home.

Now the new owner not only will live in it but also love it. Thank you John for giving the Killorin family the thrill and joy of walking through the imagination, artistry and craftsmanship of a McCulloch Construction-remodeled home.

Best wishes to you and another Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Paul Killorin & Family”

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