The Spring Valley House

The Story:

The house was built in the mid-80s and the master bath was of typical quality at that time. It had a huge jacuzzi tub with several feet around it taken up by stairs. The bathroom had no storage and a small, dark shower. The poorly done shower was leaking into the room below. Worn 80s tile, yellow-stained oak and carpet topped it off.

By taking out the tub, we freed up a third of the bathroom. We vaulted the low ceiling and added the skylights and windows. This brought in the natural setting of the secluded home on its large acreage. We added four cabinets for much needed storage.

Q & A with client and fine artist, landscape artist in collections nationwide, Sue-Del McCulloch:

Q: “Where is the common ground between art and remodeling?”

A: “Light! We live on top of a hill in the country so we can see miles of nature. My work is capturing the moods, the language of light. The bathroom is dazzling in the sun, and often bright even by moonlight from all the skylights and windows. I like the drama of the windows stair-stepping up the wall.”

Q: “What else besides light makes the bathroom work for you?”

A: “Tons of storage keeps me organized. The chandelier makes it glamorous. Oh, and the heated floor in the shower and shower bench — now that’s luxury!”


Take a look at Sue-Del’s artwork.