The 1903 Sellwood House

We started with an elderly Bachelor’s house, which was a dark maze created from a series of poorly conceived and executed additions in the past.

We tried to pre-sell this project, but with the condition of the house when McCulloch Construction purchased it, one interested party, Michelle, was impressed,

“When house shopping, McCulloch offered to remodel a property of theirs to my taste. But when I visited, it was so bad I was literally frightened. A month later I attended the open house. At first, I drove up and down the street not able to recognize the place. Abundant light, style, and an open floor plan had replaced what had been dark and claustrophobic spaces. I was totally blown away by the vision, creativity and work ethic that McCulloch Construction put into their project.”


We set a record, completely redoing the the house in 30 days with a new floor plan and all new systems.