Outdoing Ourselves in the West Hills

McCulloch Construction stands alone in Portland for undertaking a house project of this magnitude for resale. Our Westover renovation truly titanic.

2751 NW Westover was a rare find with its panoramic views, easy walks to NW 23rd, and location in one of Portland’s most desirable neighborhoods. Furthermore, the house itself was superlative: elaborate plaster work, a ballroom, numerous arches, balconies, fireplaces, and terraced spaces. With four levels, the house appears to be the biggest on the hill, as one crosses the river. The façade is the best by Portland’s famous architect, Charles Ertz, (author of the region’s most valuable mansion, worth an estimated twenty plus million dollars).
Our pursuit of improvement, starting with so much, pushed us to do our best work:

We moved the kitchen to the view side, and wrapped it in windows. To do this we had to move multiple stair cases and rebuild most of the house. The idea of redoing three floors to get a kitchen just right, reveals my mania for design. The kitchen yields beauty nonpareil by virtue of the views.

· Hanging gardens

· Koi ponds

· Aqueduct

· Numerous stone terraces, stairways and paths

· Outdoor dining balconies

· Fire pit

· Hot tub with a view

· City and mountain views

With 25 city lots currently on our plate, we still find the magnitude of this project breathtaking.
To maximize the backyard view, we constructed a giant platform to provide a flat space for lawn, fire pit and plantings. This structure is so massive that it required a footing 100 feet long and nine feet deep. The McCulloch team traversed the slope with ropes and dug the footing entirely by hand during weeks of unremitting rain. We all got fitter, then sick and we still have the callouses. The work was so grueling that nine out of ten Medieval peasants would have refused to help.
On the platform rests a high deck connecting the yard to the ballroom by five pairs of hand crafted French doors, bringing the balcony count up to seven.
The yard also features three cascading koi ponds fed by an aqueduct. The lower spaces are created by extensive rock terracing, and dozens of hand hewn stone steps and benches. The panoramic views may also be enjoyed from a grotto-like hot tub.
From intricate wine cellar to light bathed stairs, each space is thoughtfully elevated to art through emotion, practical design, and the element of surprise.
We imagine future lives to be lived here will be elevated and glamorous. What a joy to create to our heart’s content! And how are we going to top Westover in our next house adventure?

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