Architectural Styles of Portland

Greek Revival

The chosen style of public buildings and monuments from Germany to the United States, Greek Revival architecture expresses confidence and grandeur.

Tudor Revival

Eliminating the crenellations, turrets and battlements of the preceding English styles, Tudor Revivals revel in coziness and stylish simplicity.

Arts & Crafts

The movement believed that the true beauty of a house was in its materials.

Mid-century Modern

Considered by many to be a further iteration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture.

Colonial Revival

This style was brought to the United States by the Philadelphia World’s Fair of 1876.

Queen Anne Revival

The broadest architectural category, encompassing an eclectic mix of homes built around the world.

This lovely home we remodeled has elements of both prairie style and craftsman.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous school of architectural design.

Spanish Mission

The Spanish Mission became the basis of a revival in the early 1900’s by builders who felt Spanish Mission to be a most authentically original West Coast Style.