Our Team

Tien- Draftsperson, Bookkeeper:

Tien is quick to measure and draft John’s often complex designs. His methodical bookkeeping and estimating are invaluable.

A survivor of a Viet Cong concentration camp, Tien arrived in the U.S. without anything but his work ethic and native intelligence. He soon learned English, became a home owner and father of four. Surviving a serious industrial accident, Tien retrained to learn architectural design, drafting, computers and bookkeeping. A multi-talent indeed.

Julio- Lead Carpenter:

Julio combines a deep knowledge of finish work and framing and is a natural leader. Leading by example, he works hard, strategizes and makes team goals; all while solving complex building challenges.

Julio has been in charge through our biggest carpentry and framing projects. He is always calm, thoughtful and professional. Most of all, our clients love him!

Erin- Field Operations Supervisor:

Erin is a key point of contact with our clients and they love working with her! She does what it takes to get the details right. She leads teams through goals feedback and quality control.

Erin’s background is uniquely fitted to what she does: She has created extreme high-end furniture from scratch, been a color consultant, and a paint products specialist. Usefully for our charitable work, Erin has a background in development for a non-profit. Erin grew up in a family business of architecture and development. Finally, she grew up around serious gardeners. We could not ask for a more talented person to understand and oversee these projects!

Jorge- General Skilled Labor:

Jorge is ready for any assignment. He knows framing, tiling, irrigation systems, fountain mechanics and much more. When the going gets tough, he attacks with gusto!

Curtis- General Skilled Labor:

At 6’5” the recent college athlete has both the strength for construction, yet also a  life long interest in fine carpentry and building. Curtis has studied environmental sciences at PSU and is committed to helping ensure that our company protects the environment.

Delfino- Carpenter:

Delfino is a certified mechanic and also an expert carpenter. He has a wealth of experience in siding installation.

Efrain- Painter:

Efrain is a long time professional painter who combines efficiency with an eye for detail. He is consistently positive!

About the Founder, John McCulloch:

John grew up next to a park preserving two Victorian mansions: the Bush Estate and Deepwood House. From this came a love of great houses.

His interest in the humanities came from a mother who is still a leading Northwest artist and a father who was fascinated by history and literature. John studied Lit at U of O and PSU, Education at Lewis and Clark and Art and Architecture at the University of London where he earned post graduate degrees in Medieval Lit, Victorian British Lit, Victorian American Lit and Education. John taught at PSU and at a local high school while growing the remodeling company. John loved teaching Literature, Writing, Art, Spanish, Psychology, Law and PE. He also was a Head Cross Country and Track Coach.

Designing new homes and remodels and working with successful architects, John is grateful for the chance to design many buildings in Portland. Following his passion, he constantly researches historic housing architecture and construction and is dedicated to doing the best work with the best team in Portland. One of his secrets is to let the past illuminate the future by researching the best architectural ideas of the past to build on. He believes that beautiful homes impact their occupants for the good, and that thoughtfully designed homes, buildings and landscaping are the essence of community.

As a fifth generation Oregonian, and the fourth John McCulloch in a row to live in Irvington, John takes community seriously. He is committed to improving Portland through leaving a legacy of improved historically significant buildings and through his work with charitable organizations and nonprofits. Because the last three generations of John McCullochs before him contributed greatly to the community, he wants to carry that baton forward. He is also working on the event he founded, the annual charitable Faces Event, and in forming a foundation to continue his work when he is no longer able to serve the community.